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In a world over run by the undead because of a virus outburst, you play Dr Isaac Van Helsing a microbiologist whose main field of work is research into viruses. As one of the last survivors on earth the Dr continues his research and looks to find the cause of the virus outburst so that a vaccine can be produced. His travels leads him to a secret military research facility base which he discovers to be the origin of the virus outburst. After investigating the abandon military facility the Dr acquires the information he needs to create a vaccine and rid the world of the zombie plague, however as night falls the undead rise, trapped inside the military facility the Dr must fend of the waves of undead attacks. Can you survive the night and restore humanity to its former glory? Or will you crumble under the might of the undead army? The fate of the world is in your hands!

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Download and extract files before playing.


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